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“In every field of endeavour, there are the great ones. Those people who are fully committed to their area of expertise. People who love it, who get it, who love to share it with others. Dan the Produce Man is such a person. Seekers of veggie and fruit wisdom, your teacher has appeared, and his name is Dan.” – Lorenzo P. - 5/16/2008

Dan Avakian has enjoyed the past 4+ decades in many facets of the Fresh Produce Industry. From retail to wholesale, food service inspection and distribution to warehouse clubs, online grocers, home delivery companies to owning his own award winning market and produce company as well as his own national radio show promoting the enjoyment of fresh fruit and vegetables along with many television appearances and authoring several columns in magazines and newspapers.

Today Dan shares his vast knowledge, experience and reputation consulting in the produce industry, promoting fresh produce on video and through his podcast.

Whether you are a startup or already in the business and need some fine tuning or a complete overhaul DansFresh Produce Consulting is here to transmute your fresh produce needs. Some of the areas DansFresh covers:

  • Media Promotions
  • Home & Office Delivery
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Foodservice and Wholesale Distribution
  • Product Inspection and many other facets of the Fresh Produce Industry.

Dan has also teamed up with FreshXperts, a consortium of industry-specific specialists banding together as consultants to the fresh food industry.


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