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“In every field of endeavour, there are the great ones. Those people who are fully committed to their area of expertise. People who love it, who get it, who love to share it with others. Dan the Produce Man is such a person. Seekers of veggie and fruit wisdom, your teacher has appeared, and his name is Dan.” – Lorenzo P. - 5/16/2008

Dan Avakian has enjoyed the past 4+ decades in many facets of the Fresh Produce Industry. From retail to wholesale, food service inspection and distribution to warehouse clubs, online grocers, home delivery companies to owning his own award winning market and produce company as well as his own national radio show promoting the enjoyment of fresh fruit and vegetables along with many television appearances and authoring several columns in magazines and newspapers.

Today Dan shares his vast knowledge, experience and reputation consulting in the produce industry, promoting fresh produce on video and through his podcast.

Whether you are a startup or already in the business and need some fine tuning or a complete overhaul DansFresh® Produce Consulting is here to transmute your fresh produce needs. Some of the areas DansFresh® covers:

Areas of expertise

  • Media Promotions
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Quality Assurance
  • Operations
  • Wholesale Sales
  • Procurement
  • Foodservice Distribution
  • Home and Office Delivery
  • CSA Programs
  • Produce Boxes
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Columnist


  • Over 45 years in Fresh Produce in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Owner Manager, CEO of a Multi Award-Winning Independent Produce Market
  • Farm Relations Liaison
  • Sales to Restaurants and Institutions and grocery stores
  • Senior Buyer Organic Produce and Natural Groceries
  • Production and Distribution Manager for an Organic Produce Home Delivery Company
  • Quality Assurance Manager for a Major Foodservice Distributor
  • Quality Assurance for a Major Online Grocer
  • Trainer/Educator
  • Produce Manager
  • Talk Show Host
  • Expert Guest on Various TV and Radio Shows
  • Host of “Getting Fresh with Dan the Produce Man” on YouTube and other Social Media

“I’ve always promoted the enjoyment of fresh fruit and vegetables before the nutrition with the notion that if people experience the enjoyment first then the nutrition will naturally follow”

Dan Avakian is a Produce Industry Consultant and Media Promotor based in the San Francisco Bay area. He has enjoyed over four decades in many facets of the fresh produce industry starting out at an open-air market in 1976. Since that time, he has worked on several projects for many produce and grocery companies and owned his own award-winning produce market in his hometown of Alameda California. He has also enjoyed an extensive career in broadcasting and has put the two together to promote fresh produce on radio, television, and the internet. Dan’s mission is to help make top quality produce a major part of Americans diets.

“Buying cheap produce for the sake of having produce cheap can compromise quality, customer experience and ultimately your reputation, the best deal is getting top-quality produce for your money every time.”

Dan contributes to Ron Pelger's In the Trenches in The Produce News:

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Avakian’s “Dan the Produce Man” videos can be enjoyed  here.

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