Late April – July, Best of Season in June

The California Apricot harvest usually begins the first week of May and ends the first week of July. Then Washington fruit comes to the market to take us into August.

Selection of apricots really depends on personal preference. If you prefer firm tart “cots” pick them firm with full yellow color. A mild red blush is found on some varieties but is not an indication of maturity or ripeness. Absence of green is the first sign of maturity and a mild give is an indication of ripeness. For full flavor a soft cot is best. Buy the them and use them because they ripen and break down fast.

Fifteen varieties are harvested for the commercial market with several other varieties found at farmers markets and specialty produce stands. Here in California the Blenhiem variety is anticipated by apricot lovers with a very short season of just a few weeks in mid – late June. It ripens fast and soft with a very short shelf life, but the flavor is incredible.
Royal Blenhiem Apricots Video: https://youtu.be/EV4S0jrg-mo

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