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January – September

When selecting avocados in the store, it is recommended to buy them firm and ripen them at home to the stage ripeness that you desire. When selecting ripe avocados ready to use, hold the fruit in the palm of your hand and apply gentle pressure. If there is a mild “give” in the fruit, then it is ready for sandwiches, salads or sushi. If there is softer give to the fruit, then it is ready for guacamole.

The taste of an avocado can sour when it is overripe. Here’s what you want to stay away from. Check the stem area of the fruit, if the skin cracks when applying pressure, then it is overripe. Also, when applying pressure, if the skin sinks in and then touches the fruit (air between the fruit and the skin), it is sour, and the eating experience will be disappointing. The ideal avocado will give to gentle pressure with the skin and the flesh together.

Video: https://youtu.be/yKrGGdKzcQI

Video, Avocado Hand: https://youtu.be/zdlxhQ8PZFA
Video, Pee Wee Avocados: https://www.facebook.com/dansfreshproducealameda/videos/1457365580974467/

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