Gravenstein Apples

August – September from California

Gravenstein Apples are just starting to come in. This apple comes and goes in a blink of the eye, so get ‘em while you can. In Sonoma County, the perfect region for Gravenstein’s there’s only about 80 acres left producing the fruit. This highly desired apple is not a money maker for the growers. Before the apple is ready for harvest; mature, not chalky and well sized, 50 percent of the crop has already fallen from the tree and is not even good enough for juice or sauce. The 50 percent remaining for harvest is fantastic, but a whole lot of effort has gone into half a crop. This means higher pricing on this now specialty crop which used to be so common.

Gravensteins also have a very short shelf life. Unlike Fuji or other more common varieties that store for months without any breakdown, the Gravenstein softens up fast. It is the perfect cooking apple for pies, but mostly for apple sauce. So, while most growers are grafting in other varieties that hold well and don’t drop half of their crop, Gravenstein growers are to be commended for their grueling efforts.

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