Italian Prunes

July – October from California

Grown in the northern part of the state and in Oregon Italian prune plums have been a local favorite for over 150 years in California.

The water to meat ratio makes them ideal for cooking because they maintain their shape, it is also perfect for drying. They make an excellent accompaniment to pork, duck, chicken and ham. They make a perfect glaze sauce, they can be wrapped by bacon or pancetta and grilled on a skewer. They are fantastic in a chicken salad as well. These prune plums are very versatile, and the list of its culinary capabilities goes on.

When selecting Italian prune plums, it is okay if they are a little soft or even wrinkly – they’re prunes! This is also the condition in which the flavor and sugar is best. Firm, they’re tart, soft and wrinkly, they’re sweet!

Remember, all prunes are plums, but not all plums are prunes!

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