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Two Major varieties of Persimmons are available in the stores today.

The Hachaya and the Fuyu. There are other varieties like the Chocolate Persimmon Mostly available at farmers markets and the Cinnamon Persimmon, which is bound to hit the stores heavily by next season. For now, the Hachaya should be purchased firm, but eaten mushy soft! Pick fruit that is firm to breaking. The Hachaya should be fully cone shaped and free of surface tears.

Sometimes a black blush is found on the fruit? it’s fine, just a surface blush caused by cool nights. Store the Hacihya at room temperature at home until it is so mushy soft that you would think that it is rotten. Do not attempt to eat it firm or even mildly soft.

When eaten firm your mouth will pucker up as if you had eaten chokecherries. The tannins only disappear when the fruit is mushy soft. When allowed to ripen fully the chemistry changes and the wait is well rewarding. It becomes a sweet candy like flavored jelly. The Fuyu Persimmon is sweet & edible when it is firm. The tannins that make your mouth pucker up in the firm hachaya are not present in the fuyu.

Pick firm, bright orange fruit that is free of any surface blemishes or cuts. Although this fruit can be eaten rock hard, it is best when it has a bit of a break to it.

Store persimmons at room temperature until ready to eat.

Persimmons have a significant source of vitamin A, beta-carotene, & potassium.

Enjoy them while you can, they are in season is short! September to just after Christmas.
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