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Pummelo is the ancestor of the common grapefruit with its origin in Malaysia. It is cultivated in China, Japan, India, Fiji, Thailand and most recently Israel. Today California is the largest commercial producer of Pummelo worldwide. The fruit comes to the market as early as September but is most popular in the winter particularly around Chinese New Year. It is the largest citrus fruit commercially grown and can range in size from a medium cantaloupe to a very large watermelon.

The skin of a Pumello is very thick and is used in preserves and candied confections and even pickled. It is used medicinally as well.

Pummelo trees are anywhere from 16 to 50 feet high with several clusters of up to ten pieces of fruit.

Inside thick skin is tasty sweet citrus fruit sections which make all the work involved in peeling them well worth it!

Look for firm Pummelos with a bit of a give due to the thickness of the skin. Full yellow color is not essential, some green is okay.

Pummelo’s are loaded with vitamin C and have only 72 calories per serving.


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