March – August from Oregon. Year-round from California Hot Houses.

When selecting rhubarb in the store, look for deep red & firm ribs. Stay away from flabby ribs that are limp and bendable. This is a sign of dehydration and age. Another indication of old rhubarb is well trimmed ribs and sunken browning spots on the edges. Fresh rhubarb will still have the three or four stem pieces at the top where the leaf was. It will also have a fresh and clean looking basal end.

Once picked the shelf life of rhubarb is short. It should remain refrigerated until used and should be used shortly after purchasing.

Nutrition in rhubarb includes vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium and potassium.

Satsuma Mandarins are available November through January.

A little green is okay, but full color is preferable. Select heavy fruit that has a fair give to it. These mandarins are not best when firm and by nature are soft. They are what’s known as “zipper skinned” citrus. Which means easy to peel and easy to separate the sections.

Video: https://youtu.be/SJ9jthSp8uc
More about Rhubarb: https://dantheproduceman.tumblr.com/post/141981082171/crimson-delight

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