Sweet Corn

March – August Coachella Valley & Riverside, June – October from Brentwood surrounding areas

When selecting corn in the store, look for plump, firm ears. Look at the husks. Make sure they are green and moist. Feel the ear for any sunken areas that may be under the husks. Sometimes corn will not fully mature or the husk doesn’t fully develop. The silk should be white or yellowish green. At times it may have a small amount of browning at the end of the silk, but the rest should be fresh and healthy. Pull the husks back enough to reveal the tip of the ear about ¼ of the way. The kernels should be firm, plump and shiny. Avoid sunken kernels. Dry or yellowish husks and black spotted husks. This is a sign of age and is better suited for cattle. There is no reason for corn like this to be on the rack, especially this time of year when the fresh harvest is in.

Video: https://youtu.be/i25nqw-yqj0

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