Year-round from California and other states When purchasing watercress in the store look for fresh green leaves; yellowing or wilting ...
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Turnips and Rutabagas

Available year-round with Best of Season October - May When selecting any root vegetables in the store, look for heavy, ...
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Sweet Onions

Various varieties available year-round When selecting sweet onions of any variety in the store, there are a few things to ...
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November – March from California When selecting Sunchokes in the store look for firm full colored tubers, keep away from ...
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Year-round from California Size doesn't matter with strawberries; growing conditions and stage of ripeness determine flavor. So, pick berries that ...
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Spring Onions and Garlic

March – June from California When selecting Spring Garlic and Spring Onions, look for a smooth, firm, but still tender ...
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New Zealand “Off Season” Apples

March - September There are really three distinct apple seasons. It kinda goes like this. Northern hemisphere apples from parts ...
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March – August from Oregon. Year-round from California Hot Houses. When selecting rhubarb in the store, look for deep red ...
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Minneola Tangelo

December – April This cross between a Grapefruit and a Dancy Tangerine without doubt is identifiable by the knobby stem ...
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Meyer Lemons

October – March from California Meyer Lemons vary in color from yellow to orangey-yellow when fully ripe. The skin is ...
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